Viva Vina in Boston

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Viva Vina was invited to Boston by the Citi Performing Arts Center to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Wang Theatre with Chairman Mr. Paul Guzzi and CEO Mr. Joe Spaulding. The Wang Theatre has been called by several names over the years. Originally conceived as the Capitol Hotel, it was re-imagined as a theatre when the investors ran out of money, and was later named The Metropolitan. On opening night, October 16, 1925, more than 20,000 New Englanders crowded Tremont Street hoping to be among the first to see what newspapers called the “marvel of the show world.” In 1962, it reopened as the Music Hall and welcomed ballet and concerts, but it wasn’t until 1983, when a life-changing gift from Dr. An Wang ensured its future. The historic venue then became known as the Wang Theatre and is recognized as one of the most important cultural facilities in New England. (1)

Viva Vina continues to look for great investment opportunities throughout the world and recognizes Boston as a city with great history and culture. Viva Vina had the opportunity to enjoy the gala event at the Wang theatre as well as discuss future business opportunites with the Citi Performing Arts Center. Viva Vina is excited to continue to work on opportunities for mutual benefit with the Citi Performing Arts Center and other historic venues throughout the world.

Please direct questions regarding the Citi Performing Arts Center to Viva Vina at [email protected] and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.